Kuhn Universal Maize Choppers

The quality you are looking for:

Field performance, minimum soil compaction and cost effective operation contributes that KUHN maize choppers suit the requirements of both farmers and contractors.

By taking advantage of the weed insensitive cutting system, the sophisticated feed system and especially designed cutting wheel ensures that the Kuhn maize choppers will be a profitable investment.

By offering a 1-row, 2-rows and 4-rows machine KUHN has efficient and versatile range of 3-point maize choppers.

Maize Chopping Technology

Kuhn maize choppers distinguish oneself for high outputs with low input.

The power transmission via pto shaft, V-belts and gears requires minimum maintenance.

Sharpening and re-adjusting the chopping wheel is easier and faster.

The discharge chute is hydraulically remote controlled from the tractor drivers seat.

Daily routine maintenance is limited to the lubrication of two easily accessible grease nipples on the chopping wheel and the chain drive of the twin rows.

Adjustable Chop Length

The maize choppers are adjusted to the most popular chop length of 4mm. By installing a different drive gear a chopping length of 6mm can be realised.

For harvesting ripe maize with very hard kernels the standard flywheel speed of 1600 rpm can be increased to 1800 rpm by installing another V-belt pulley. Extremely hard maize kernels can easily be cracked if the flywheel speed is further increased to 2000 rpm. In addition, the filling plate in the lower discharge housing can be replaced as standard for a cracker plate.

Trouble Free Chopping Starts With A Good Cut

Clean cutting of the maize stems is the basis for an even intake. The KUHN system is tolerant of weeds and has a self cleaning function.

The adjustable counter knife between the discs maintains best cutting quality at any time. The cutting discs are hardened and have a special protective coating for maximum wear resistance.

Even Intake For A Precisely Chopped Crop

Two feed drums, a smooth and a toothed roller ensures that the crop flows in a straight line to the flywheel, so stems, cobs and husks are cut straight at right angles to exactly the preset length of chop.

The result is homogeneous crop structure for top quality silage.

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Simple, Reliable efficient Bailing – what more do you want?


Heavy bales, thanks to the long plunger stroke, cicoria balers produce heavy bales with all types of crops

Proved reliability, Cicoria bales, equipped with the most reliable knotting system, are strong and easy to maintain.

Smooth crop flow, with a pick up width of 1.6m, 4 rows of pick up tines, tines spacing of 82mm and adjustable height control wheel.

High productivity, the wide feed opening has been engineered to push high volumes of straw in the chamber, and produce more bales per hour.

Cicoria conventional square Balers are well appreciated in more than 40 countries for their performance, reliability and easy maintenance.

Cicoria balers are manufactured in Italy.

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