KUHN machines

Kuhn Rotary Rakes 

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The second operation after hay mowing is raking, which has the purpose of collecting your mowed grass in line for easy baling. 

Kuhn rotary rakes produce fluffy, well-informed windrows to help you dry your hay faster. This allows you to harvest your crops at at their peak nutritional value with less reliance on the weather. 

Kuhn rotary rake

Long flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and depositing it neatly into the windrow. The gentle raking action ensures that the leaves remain intact for maximum quality. 

Kuhn rotary rakes are available either as multi rotor system or single rotor with the latter featuring a reliable grease filled gearbox and double bent tine arms for superior raking quality and gentle crop handling. 

The three points mounted rakes with working widths not less than 3.20m will give you a superior raking performance, while keeping the leaves of your crop intact and allowing you to harvest at peak nutritional value. 

Fully Enclosed Gear case 

They have a fully enclosed single-stage gearbox which is greased filled and sealed to be maintenance free ensuring a long life. For additional security, the tine arms holders are fixed on both the upper and lower gearcase covers. 

Heavy Duty Tines 

Kuhn tines, rake the crop gently, yet thoroughly, even in dense heavy crops. Their heat treated steel construction helps ensure a longer service life and maximum resistance. 

Rotor wheels 

The rotor wheels on Kuhn rotary rakes are positioned extremely close to the tines, this is to allow the tines to follow ground contours minimizing contact with the ground to avoid incorporating impurities into the windows. 

KUHN machines

Kuhn Mounted Sprayers – Simple and Durable. 

KUHN sprayers are fitted with the most advanced technologies and ensure efficient application of optimum quality. They are equipped with a piston diaphragm pump that ensure precision and reliability. Their manual, electric and electronic controls provide an application of great precision. The tanks are made of highly resistant polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilizer.
Kuhn mounted sprayers combine precision and ease of use while requiring little investment. They can be fitted with steel or aluminum booms featuring manual or hydraulic folding. Their polyethylene tanks of 600 to 2000 litres offer a high resistance thanks to their uv-absorbing protection. These sprayers have a large range of equipment such as CAN BUS regulations that allow you to find the sprayer best adapted to your needs.

Kuhn tractor mounted 600 litres sprayer

These sprayers offer great versatility. Machine welded steel frame adapted for steel booms with manual folding, polyethylene tank with different equipment, large choice of pumps to match the required flows. The regulations can be constant pressure, proportional to the engine speed. Numerous optional equipment like the hand washing tanks, rinsing tanks are also attached.

These mounted sprayers have working width of between 12m to 16m with nozzle height adjustment of up-to 2.5m making it useful for different crop heights.


KUHN machines

Design of the Kuhn Cutter Bar. 

These disc mowers now come with the 100 series cutter bar with PROTECTADRIVE safety.

This range is designed for small or medium-sized farms wanting to invest in a simple, reliable product which will allow them to harvest clean highly nutritional forage, without re-cutting it and to preserve the sward for

Kuhn cutter bar mower

The beveled knives with bolt attachment, the oval shaped discs converging rotation, the small distance between the compact cutter bar and the rear tractor wheels as well as the suspension spring, all these features contribute to producing highly nutritional forage without impurities which increases the herd’s productivity.

For increased safety, and to prevent from any contact with the ground, the swath board has been replaced with a swath wheel. The tractor right wheels do not roll over the mown forage. The lateral cutter bar articulation allows good ground following even when mowing on embankments and ditches.

Should the cutter bar hit an obstacle, a safety break-back causes the mower to shift rearwards thus highly reducing damage risks.

The disc bearing station can be removed and mounted quickly and easily. A possible repair is carried out at reduced costs from the outside with minimum downtime.

KUHN machines

Kuhn mower in operation – Video 

The cutter bar is positioned close to the tractor wheels, ensuring a quick adaptation when driving over rough terrain. 
An optimal mounting of the suspension ensures an optimum balance of the cutter bar. 

Precise adjustment of the ground pressure, the cutterbar only exerts limited pressure on the soil. 

In this way, the sward is preserved and the forage not contaminated. 

The maximum PTO speed should be 540 rev/min. in order to achieve the desired results.

Disc mowers, KUHN machines

Why you need a Kuhn mower for your hay farm.

Picture of Kuhn four disc mower

Lots of hay mowers are currently available in the market, left right and centre, but why do you need to choose a Kuhn mower from the rest?

One simple reason I would share with you is the fact that Kuhn mowers are strong, easy to service and are safe from breakage especially on the new Kuhn series mowers currently available in the market.

Some disc mowers may look like a Kuhn from outside. However, what is on the inside is more important. Kuhn’s design and construction standards ensure a long life and reliable operation. Assure yourself by taking a closer look on what the series 100 cutter bar has to offer.

  • Withstand the highest loads : special high-capacity bearings fitted in a one piece sealed housing not subject to distortion.
  • Increased service life : disc pinion shaft bearings endure radial force for longest bearing life. This optimum position improves the load balance.
  • Protection should an obstacle be struck : the Protevtadrive system designed to protect the cutter bar gear train and minimizes downtime risks in full season.
  • Highly wear resistant : knife attachment hardware is fully protected. For added safety, heat treated steel cups are welded to the disc.
  • Minimum wear or distortion risks : idler gear fasteners are located in heat treated steel cups. Correct alignment is ensured without the risk of distortion.
  • Long -term reliability : larger diameter gearwheels in high tensile forged steel with reinforced teeth.

    Minimized Downtime

  • The disc bearing station can be removed and mounted quickly and easily. A possible repair is carried out at reduced costs from the outside with minimum downtime. Total safety in case an obstacle is struck, the threaded pins of the disc housing are solidly linked to the upper half casing. There is no weak point or risk that they could be ripped off.