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PICHON offers a wide range of slurry tankers with capacities varying from 2,600 litres to 30,000 litres, built for professional use. Recessed tankers are offered to enable users to fit axle with big diameter wheels.

The total volume of the tanker is preserved, the loss volume created by the recess is always compensated either by the length or the diameter of the tankers.



Consistently seeking longevity, PICHON uses an industrial technology to the agricultural world: the integrated frame, the control of all the stages, from the design to the assembly, is guaranteed of quality and reliability.

Stability and weight

By its choices of engineering, PICHON reduces the weight of their tankers. The design of the integrated frame and gives a lower centre of gravity. The concept of the tankers TCI (Tankers with chassis integrated) is an unequalled proof of stability on the market, and thus makes the working conditions safer on the field and on the road.


For 45 years PICHON have analysed, advised and suggested the ideal solution as each customers needs requires a personalised solution.

Fertilizer spreaders


This range of muck spreaders is especially designed for farmers and contractors who are looking for a unique heavy-duty construction machine.

Pichon makes the significant choice to manufacture their spreaders using a unique and innovative design of a narrow body.

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The main idea of this body design is to find a good compromise between width and length while keeping a high rear frame and oversized beaters in order to ensure the regularity of the spreading. This body shape also enables the use of high diameter wheels reducing the requirements of towing power.

As is tradition with PICHON, the muck spreaders range is fully manufactured with galvanised steel. The spreaders are entirely adapted to cope with the most compacted materials, thanks to a unique robust design and system of vertical twin beaters. The unequalled diameter, the height and the incline of the Pichon beaters give the muck spreaders the capability to spread multiple products in various working conditions from 6 to 20m width.

Pichon offers 18 models of muck spreaders from 8 to 24 cubic metres.

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Manufactured for professional purposes, it meet and exceeds the most demanding requirements in accordance with the natural constraints of spreading activities.

The naming of the Pichon range muck spreaders is in accordance with the cubic capacity and the length of the machine itself. The cubic capacity is heaped level and takes into account the fact that there is a guillotine door on the machine.

In addition to an incredible performance on the fields, you will be able to drive a machine which is as smooth on the road as it is on the fields.

All the spreaders are equipped with reinforced axle with oversized breaks. As standard, they come with a fully sprung drawbar with multi leaf springs, truck lights and flashing beacon.

Fertilizer spreaders

Multi Disc Fertilizer Spreaders-Kuhn MDS

Distributing fertilizer in specialized crops, such as vineyard, orchards, market gardens or in fields of mixed crops/livestock farms: Kuhn MDS range of fertilizer spreaders offers a simple and adapted solution for each of these operations. 

Flexible disc for versatile applications: With its flexible adjustable vanes, the multi disc system (MDS) spreading disc are able to spread all types of fertilizer, fine seeds and slug pellets with highest precision and adapted spreading patterns. 

Kuhn multi disc fertilizer spreader

The MDS spreaders provide several features, which not only ensure that the fertilizer is spread exactly, where it should, but also nothing to be desired in terms of user comfort like: Easy application rate adjustment with the help of the D. F. C. scale,  different border spreading solutions. 
The MDS spreading discs stand their ground during standard spreading, late spreading in high crops as well as yield – optimized spreading at field borders. For your comfort, all is possible without removing or changing the disc or vanes. 

According to the type of fertilizer and the working width, the vanes can be adjusted precisely in length and orientation. Thanks to their well marked, three dimensional position, the user can set the vanes quickly and easily. 

M1 discs are delivered as standard for working widths from 10 to 18m. The installation of X vanes allows obtaining a working width of 20 to 24m without impairing the spreading quality. 

Nothing could be simpler than changing the application rate from one field to another. It can be done by positioning an opening stop on the continuous proportional direct flow control D. F. C scale. With its help, you can modify the application rate without any extra equipment. 

The  Principle : The positioning is modified by the same percentage as the application rate. This means for example that you simply increase the opening by 10 percent for a 10 percent higher. 

The MDS means highest precision in fertilizer spreading as well as exact spreading patterns for different fertilizers, fine seeds and slug and snail pellets.