ADS planters

Precision Pneumatic Seed Drills 


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Investment in a seed drill is a key stage in any farm development. 

Seed drills
Kuhn pneumatic seed drill

The Kuhn range of precision seed drills has a wide choice of frame widths and equipment, so that users can adapt to different seeding conditions. 

It’s seeding unit is designed for maximum comfort during operations : it’s ergonomic and easy to use. Adjustments have been particularly carefully designed. 

Strong and extremely stable during work, it is the master seed drill and ensures perfect seed positioning. 

The seeding unit has a remarkable finish. It has been specifically designed to be suitable for all cultivation practices, in particular new techniques such as minimum tillage. Looking at it carefully, you will realised that it has been designed for two objectives, strength and simplicity. 

The seed drill has been designed for precision seeding using different types of seeds. It has many different types of chassis to meet all requirements. 

Depending on the model, different types of fertilizers are available according to choice or the farm’s possibilities. Fertilizer hoppers have a V-shaped base for easier release of granules. They can be retrofited on the chasis forming the air duct and form a one part assembly. 

These seed drills can be supplied with different versions of electronic control box. From simply controlling seeding units to counting the population of seed sown per hectare. 

ADS planters

Planting and seeding Equipment

Uniform plant spacingis essential to achieve superior yields of maize, sugar beets and other row crops. Strong and extremely stable during work, the seeding unit is the master component of KUHN precision seed drills. It ensures perfect seed positioning under all soil conditions in the row and in the depth, no matter which crop you currently focus on.
The fertilization system of 2×190 liters, 2×260 liters, 950 liters and 1350 liters for a volume adapted is also available. The design of the seed hoppers available with capacity of 47 and 52 liters while retaining an inter row distance of at least 25cm. The control boxes KMS 208 and KMS 412 allows users to monitor seeding progress, the KMD 112 disengagement boxes are designed to disengage row either manually or automatically.

Four rows pneumatic planter

Technical Specifications

Frame type: Single bar

Working width (m) : between 2.5 and 9

Number of rows : between 3 and 18

Minimum row spacing of 25cm and maximum row spacing of 80cm