Fertilizer spreaders


This range of muck spreaders is especially designed for farmers and contractors who are looking for a unique heavy-duty construction machine.

Pichon makes the significant choice to manufacture their spreaders using a unique and innovative design of a narrow body.

Photo /courtesy

The main idea of this body design is to find a good compromise between width and length while keeping a high rear frame and oversized beaters in order to ensure the regularity of the spreading. This body shape also enables the use of high diameter wheels reducing the requirements of towing power.

As is tradition with PICHON, the muck spreaders range is fully manufactured with galvanised steel. The spreaders are entirely adapted to cope with the most compacted materials, thanks to a unique robust design and system of vertical twin beaters. The unequalled diameter, the height and the incline of the Pichon beaters give the muck spreaders the capability to spread multiple products in various working conditions from 6 to 20m width.

Pichon offers 18 models of muck spreaders from 8 to 24 cubic metres.

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Manufactured for professional purposes, it meet and exceeds the most demanding requirements in accordance with the natural constraints of spreading activities.

The naming of the Pichon range muck spreaders is in accordance with the cubic capacity and the length of the machine itself. The cubic capacity is heaped level and takes into account the fact that there is a guillotine door on the machine.

In addition to an incredible performance on the fields, you will be able to drive a machine which is as smooth on the road as it is on the fields.

All the spreaders are equipped with reinforced axle with oversized breaks. As standard, they come with a fully sprung drawbar with multi leaf springs, truck lights and flashing beacon.

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