Silage Making machines

Product video for Cicoria square baler.

The Italian made Cicoria baler is known for its speed during operation and is one of the undisputed balers in the market today.

With a working rate of six bales per minute (proven), 360 bales per hour, Cicoria baler is one of the simplest baler in terms of construction yet high output with low tractor horsepower required.

Photo/Cicoria baler /courtesy

Bale density is easily adjustable in sideways, up and down. A strong knotter system is incorporated with a needle shear bolt that protects the needles from breakage should their be an obstacle inside the Bale chamber. Needle guards also protects the needles from stones and any other obstacle.

High inertial momentum generated by the bigger flywheel, a feature which allows fast and flowing harvest even with irregular windows.

Longer plunger stroke which exceeds other balers at 5cm longer, ensure sufficient compaction and baling.

Larger feed opening ensures more fodder into the Bale chamber thus more bales per hour.

Daily maintenance includes greasing the major points as the gearbox only requires oil once in a year.

Below is a video taken from farm capturing Cicoria baler in operation.

Are you interested and longing to own this unique machine?

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