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Factors to consider when buying a tractor 

Are you interested in buying a farm tractor? Given that tractors come in different sizes, have different power ratings and are produced by a host of manufacturers, you need to do some homework before you buy one to avoid future regrets. 

Some factors you need to consider before purchasing your tractor are listed below. 



The heart of the tractor, the engine provides the power to do heavy work. Most tractors run on gasoline or diesel fuel, with diesel engines usually offering more power than the gas counter parts. The strength of the engine is measured in horsepower, a higher number means more power, so large tractor with high horsepower is needed for intense farming tasks. 


The type of transmission is a key feature to consider, because it will make a big difference in the way the tractor performs. Some tractors such as those with hydrostatic transmissions, are driven with foot pedals, and increasing the speed of the tractor is as simple as pushing harder on the pedal, making these types of tractors very easy to drive. 

Power Take-off 

One of the most important parts of your machine, the PTO is a spinning shaft commonly located at the rear of the tractor. It provides power to attachments such as mowers and hay balers, and often has its own horsepower rating separate from the tractors engine. 


For the tractor to be used with other equipment, it has to have at least one type of attachment hitch. One of the most useful is the three points hitch, which includes a hydraulic lift for raising and lowering attached equipment: simple drawbar hitches are also common, as well as specialized hitches for attachments such as front-ended loaders and forklifts. 


Hydraulic power can be used in several ways. Hydraulic power steering can make turning easier, while power is also used for lifting attachments and power implements such as backhoes and front end loaders. 


The tires of a tractor are designed to provide lots of tractions so that the tractor can do heavy work. The tyres are traditionally filled with air, but it’s also popular to fill them with heavy fluid, such as automotive antifreeze or windshield washer fluid, that will give more weight to the tires and provide even better traction. 

Availability of spares 

When considering to buy a tractor, it is important to also consider availability of parts and servicing. It is better to buy a tractor from a known brand dealership that’s been in business for long time. 

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