Decision making

Why farm machinery could be the missing link towards your agribusiness 

Farm machinery is part and parcel of a successful agribusiness but many farmers shun the equipment because they are costy.

One of the most significant contributions of farm machinery is time. With farm machinery to help farmers, farming time is significantly decreased. More work can be done in just a fraction of time with farming equipment as compared to using manual labour.

For a dairy farmer, depending on size of the investment, tractors, balers, mowers, hay rakes, maize choppers/forage harvesters, milking machines, milk cooling tanks and pasturizers are some of the machinery to consider as they help in proper management and feeding of the dairy cows.

In crop farming, tractors, ploughs, planters, tillers, harrows, sprayers among others, are essential as they facilitate better farming.

Advice from the entrepreneur

For those who would wish to purchase equipment but lack enough cash, it is advisable that they form groups and purchase the equipment as a team.

One hardly go wrong when it comes to doing business as a team, provided you all have a similar vision and goal, and can trust each other. If possible, each member to buy a different equipment so that when put together, all the machinery can improve productivity and every investor remains vital for the success of the group.

Farmers are also advised to take advantage of the incentives given by the agricultural products selling companies who have partnered with various banks for financing facilities.

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