KUHN machines

Kuhn Feed Mixer Wagons-The Largest Capacity with the Lowest Height. 

The new single auger feed mixer offers a new solution for all farmers with difficult-to-acces buildings and/or who need a variety of distribution configurations.

Feed mixer wagon

With capacities of 4 to 18 metre cubic the vertical auger mixers epitomise Kuhn’s expertise mixed rations. This new range has many advantages that will make it your best assistant in your farm.

Compact– the body geometry provides for large capacities at low heights e.g 13 cubic meters for less than 3.00m

Wide choice of capacities- depending on your ration and size of your herd, you can choose from 4 models with capacities ranging from 4 to 18 cubic meters.

Vertical Auger concept- this machine is extra versatile. Whether you are working with silage-based rations or fibrous rations, the auger calibrates the strands on demand and produces an excellent quality mix.

Designed to last- the new single auger range is designed based on the double auger machines: integrated chassis, oversized angle gearbox etc.

A highly accurate weighing system helps guarantees efficient management of fodder stocks and rational feeding. The electronic weighing system supplied as standard on the KUHN mixer range let’s you know exactly how much fodder is loaded into the machine and ingested by the animals.

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