Hay Baling machines

Inside A Cicoria Baler, important features. 

Cicoria balers
Cicoria baler in operation

The extremely robust range of cicoria rectangular balers has pick-up widths ranging from 1.4m to 1.6m and are specifically designed to suit the requirements of small farms with small horse power tractors, and mid sized farms requiring a high output at low baling cost per hectare. 

Common features on all models would be the high rate of work coupled with low cost and exceptional performance. The general transmission is by means of a helical gear reduction and a single oversized chains. To prevent overloading and damage to the gear reduction, plunger, forks, knotters, and needles, a friction PTO over run clutch and four safety bolts are fitted as standard protection. 

To reduce maintenance work and ensure trouble free long life of the transmission, automatic belt and chain idlers have been fitted. A counter weight crank and large diameter flywheel give greater working stability when the machine is running even at more than 90 strokes per minute. 

The extremely robust cold forged plunger runs on a series of 10 pre lubricated bearings and the flotation pick up is balanced by two springs and operated by a V-belt. 

The quality of of the straw or forage Bale remains constant, thanks to the wide range of fork settings. 

Product information 

Features of the cicoria baler are as follows :

Pick up width 1.6m

Plunger stroke per minute (88)

Large fly wheel for greater working stability. 

Bale weight from 15-50kg 

PTO power requirement 33Kw 

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