KUHN machines

Kuhn Mounted Sprayers – Simple and Durable. 

KUHN sprayers are fitted with the most advanced technologies and ensure efficient application of optimum quality. They are equipped with a piston diaphragm pump that ensure precision and reliability. Their manual, electric and electronic controls provide an application of great precision. The tanks are made of highly resistant polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilizer.
Kuhn mounted sprayers combine precision and ease of use while requiring little investment. They can be fitted with steel or aluminum booms featuring manual or hydraulic folding. Their polyethylene tanks of 600 to 2000 litres offer a high resistance thanks to their uv-absorbing protection. These sprayers have a large range of equipment such as CAN BUS regulations that allow you to find the sprayer best adapted to your needs.

Kuhn tractor mounted 600 litres sprayer

These sprayers offer great versatility. Machine welded steel frame adapted for steel booms with manual folding, polyethylene tank with different equipment, large choice of pumps to match the required flows. The regulations can be constant pressure, proportional to the engine speed. Numerous optional equipment like the hand washing tanks, rinsing tanks are also attached.

These mounted sprayers have working width of between 12m to 16m with nozzle height adjustment of up-to 2.5m making it useful for different crop heights.


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