Mobile Milking machines

Mobile Milking Trolleys-Simple, Modern and Reliable. 

Welcome to Milkline world and to Milkline basic milking machines……… Just connect the plug and start milking.

With the basic milking trolleys your work will be easier and faster. They will enable you to milk up-to 32 cows, collecting the milk into 30 litres buckets, which are graduated and transparent in nature to allow you monitor production of each single cow.

Milkline basic milking trolleys will also enable you to produce high quality milk with maximum hygiene, assuring stress reduction in your herd.

It is possible to carry out very easily a daily washing of the components, which are in contact with the milk.

The vacuum pump with graphite vanes does not need lubrication, avoiding in this way working environmental pollution.

All the components are of high quality and are produced with the approval of Health responsible organization.

The sturdiness of frame and vacuum tank guarantees a long life of your investment.

The electric motor on the milking trolleys are of single phase type with power ratings of 0.75kw.

Mobile milking machine

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