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The Unique Features In Italian Cicoria Balers

Cicoria baler during operation

Cicoria conventional square balers are well appreciated in more than 40 countries for their performance, reliability and easy maintenance.

So, what makes Cicoria balers stand out from other baling machines in the market today.

Heavy bales: Cicoria balers have a long plunger stroke which is 5cm longer than other machines, this feature creates high rate of compaction on any type of crop hence heavy bales.

High productivity : thanks to the wide feed opening that has been engineered to push high volume of straws in the bale chamber and a strong gearbox to withstand the heavy loads hence producing more bales per hour. To be precise, the working rate of Cicoria balers is six bales per minute.

Strong knotter system : Cicoria balers equipped with the most reliable knotting system for proved reliability, are strong and easy to maintain.

Smooth crop flow : With a pick up width of 1.6m, 4-rows of pick up tines, tine spacing of 82mm and an adjustable height control wheel.

Needle protection : Cicoria balers are equipped with needle shear bolt and flywheel shear bolt that protects the needle from breakage should there be an obstacle in the bale chamber, furthermore the piston breaks prevents it from harming the needle. Cicoria needles are not rigid and can be easily twisted in case there’s a bend, you don’t need to replace the needle with a new one every time.

Bale density adjustments : this is one feature that Cicoria balers owns that’s not found in any type of baler. The bale density can be adjusted both up,down and in both sides, a feature that makes Cicoria baler produce bales of high standards with no spaces inside.

Easy maintenance : A part from weekly greasing of knotter system and other moving parts, Cicoria baler is almost maintenance free as the gearbox requires oil filling once in every year.

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