No-Till mechanical planters

Kuhn Mechanical Mounted Seed Drill

The seed distribution in these planters is accomplished by the system of alveolated disc which can be replaced, adapting it to each culture. The fertilizer distribution is accomplished by rotative axle with endless threads.

The planter is provided with a press wheel and adjustable row spacings.

Kuhn mechanical planter

Technical Specifications

Number of rows ( available from 2 to 4 rows)

Working width (m) from 1.8m to 3.6m

Minimum row spacing of 40cm

Maximum row spacing of 90cm

Approx. Seed hopper capacity of 40 kg each

Approx. Fertilizer hopper capacity of 72kg each.


Kuhn mechanical planters are manufactured to adapt to various seedbed conditions especially for tilled and non tilled land.

Operation in both cases involves replacement of the fertilizer furrow opener which is available in two types, the disc type and the knife opener type.

The knife opener type shown below is mostly used for non tilled land

Accuracy and Efficiency

As evident in the below picture taken from a Kuhn planter user, the planter gives the most efficient results from accurate calibration of the seed and fertilizer distribution.

Various seed plates are available for the planter, maize, peas, beans, soya etc.

Calibration gears are available in different sizes and number of teeths and with the help of a calibration chart it’s very easy to achieve your crop spacing and fertilizer application in hectares

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