Disc mowers


Today, all high-perfomance farms are aware of the importance of basic forage for their herds. All the extra energy available in the forage is reflected in high productivity and hence high revenues.

Hay mower
Picture of a Kuhn four disc mower

How to achieve top quality forage

With KUHN mowers you can count on several features, which helps keeping the forage clean, avoid it is chopped and preserve the swath. Features for an optimized ground pressure and travel range have been put into action on both series.

Important parts, as the attachment frame have been reinforced to enhance the machine’s stability even more.

Grass must be cut not chopped

The crop should be quickly ejected into the swath and only cut once. Double cutting causes higher crop losses, delays regrowth and increases the power requirement on the tractor.

Mow at the right time

Especially for silage, harvesting at the right stage means gaining the full value of forage plants : sugars, proteins, minerals and dry matter. Therefore, capitalizing on tight weather windows at the stage when the forage is ready, is an important building block to preserve the forage quality.

Specific Design of the Cutting Unit.

The disc mower’s bevelled knives ensure a high quality clean and even cut.The oval shaped disc as well as the compact and streamlined profile of the cutter reduce soil and crop residue accumulation.

Cutting Height

An ideal and constant cutting height is obtained by simple adjustment of the top link.

Lifting skids are optionally available, if higher cutting heights are required.

Converging Disc Rotation

On KUHN mowers, each pair of discs is driven with a converging rotation. Be sure, No double cutting will degrade your forage.

Perfect Ground Contouring

The cutter bar is positioned close to the tractor wheels, ensuring a quick adaptation when driving over rough terrain.

An optional mounting of the suspension ensures an optimal balance of the cutter bar.

The disc mower flotation, which also allows appropriate working speeds.

Safety Breakaway Mechanism

Should an obstacle be struck, the safety breakaway causes the mower unit to swing slightly backwards. The impact is significantly reduced. You can reset the device simply by reversing.

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